Chronological history of the ROYAL OBSERVER CORPS

1925 The Observer Corps is formed by Major General E B Ashmore CB CMG MVO to report enemy aircraft flying over the British Isles.
January 1929 The Air Ministry takes control of the Corps, an Air Commodore is appointed Commandant, the motto Forewarned is Forearmed is adopted and the Observer Corps headquarters established.
24 August 1939 The Corps is mobilised at start of the second World War.
July/October 1940 The Battle of Britain.
April 1941 H M King George Vl grants the title ‘Royal’.
May 1941 Tracking and reporting of the Rudolph Hess flight.
September 1941 Women admitted to the Corps.
June 1944 The SEABORNE venture. During the D-Day landings, selected Observer Corps volunteers undertook duty as aircraft identifiers on board defensively equipped merchants ships.
May 1945 The Corps stood down.
January 1947 In response to the cold war the Corps re-forms.
11 April 1950 HM King George Vl becomes the Corps’ first Air Commodore in-Chief and the Royal Observer Corps medal is instituted.
2 June 1953 HM Queen Elizabeth II assumes the appointment Air Commodore-in-Chief.
1955 The Corps undertakes the nuclear reporting role.
24 June 1966 Review of the Corps by HM Queen Elizabeth II and presentation of the Royal Observer Corps Banner.
1968 Reorganisation and reduction in establishment.
1971 Data transmission introduced. Close association formed with the Danish Air Force Home Guard. (Luftmeldekorpset)
1975 Golden Jubilee of the Corps.
27 June 1985 60th Anniversary Royal Garden Party at RAF Bentley Priory.
1981 - 85   Installation of AD9000 communications systems.
27 June 1985   60th Anniversary Garden Party at RAF Bentley Priory.
25 July 1991 Review of the Corps by HM Queen Elizabeth II and presentation of a new Royal Observer Corps Banner.
29 Sept 1991 Laying up of the old Royal Observer Corps Banner in St Clement Danes Church London.
30 Sept 1991 Stand Down of the bulk of the Royal Observer Corps. The NRC venture: The retention of 18 officers and 250 other ranks volunteers to provide a revised service.
8 Dec 1995 The new Royal Observer Corps Banner is lodged for safe keeping in the Rotunda of College Hall RAF Cranwell.
31 Dec 1995 Remaining elements of the Corps stood down.
31 March 1996 Headquarters Royal Observer Corps closed down.