Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund

  1. The Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund is a registered Charity No SC209640 and is regulated by a Declaration of Trust first dated 5 November 1945. The current Scheme in use is dated 23 February 1994 and is meantime under revision.

  2. The object of the charity is the relief of persons in need, hardship and distress, who are either:
    (a) former members of the Royal Observer Corps; or
    (b) the dependants of any such person.

  3. The trustees may relieve persons in need by:
    (a) making grants of money to them; or
    (b) providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them; or
    (c) making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need.

  4. Entitled persons in need, who wish to apply for assistance from the ROC Benevolent Fund, should make  contact in the first instance with the local ROC Association Group Benevolent Fund Officer (GBFO), or any local ROC Association office bearer. If the applicant is unable to make contact with any of the above-mentioned, the person in need should try to contact any former member of the Royal Observer Corps. In the event that contact cannot be established at the local level, the person in need should get in touch with social services, explain their difficulties and confirm that they served in the Royal Observer Corps. Social services will provide a contact point through which the ROC Benevolent Fund will be advised.

  5. Length of service in the Royal Observer Corps is not a consideration, except that an individual must have served long enough to receive their ROC number.

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