Hotel St. Nicholas SCARBOROUGH 

November 1st 2nd & 3rd.


All smiles - and no wonder! Everyone agreed that the 13th National Reunion at Scarborough was one of the best, despite the wind and the rain! 

This year we had two guest speakers on Saturday morning - First was Roger Thomas of English Heritage who gave us an insight into their 'Cold War Project'. This is part of a major undertaking by the MOD who are looking to dispose of hundreds of historical war related buildings ranging from the 17th century Gunpowder Plot to Fylingdales! The old ROC HQ building in York has already been purchased for renovation and is to be restored and re-equipped exactly as it was in 1991. There are also plans to restore an old ROC underground Monitoring Post that could be linked to the York Control. Volunteers are needed to help with the work; further details from either R.J.C. Thomas English Heritage 37 Tanner Row York YO1 6WP, email: rogerjc.thomas@english-heritage.org.uk or from York Group ROCA Chairman Jim Millington. (Jim's telephone number is 01132 687 366 - Ed.) 

In an absorbing talk Flemming Bo Pedersen from the Danish Ground Observer Corps described how the LMK using state of the art technology is able to deliver computer assisted visual air defence against low -level threats and attacks. The technique involves combining visual sightings & verbal reports with computer links direct to the pilot of defending aircraft. It works too - they have run live exercises to prove it! He extended warm greetings from our LMK friends and said, "What the ROC was first to do in the world is being continued in Denmark". "We took over the torch and have kept it burning, - we hope one day to hand it back to the Royal Observer Corps." 

The Reunion was rounded off with a Gala Dinner on Saturday evening at which the Lady Mayor of Scarborough was our guest of honour.

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