The ROC Association web is 10 years old!

Thanks to all who:

           send in the newsletters, items, photographs and to the stalwarts who answer the queries to the site.

Statistics: since 2000

  • 363 Newsletters.

  • 6,000 pictures and except for the larger group photos they all have text relating to them in the items and newsletters. Most are expanded to their original size and in colour.

    At 2 seconds per image, it will take   
    3 hours 20 mins. to see them all.


  • 1,100 web pages which equates to 5,000 A4 pages (double-sided),  i.e.10 packets of paper and 20" high.
    Heritage?, that would make quite a large book.

Emails:    (118/month last year)


FTP:  (file transfer protocol)

A simple procedure using 'Windows Explorer' (not 'Internet Explorer') and protected with a password. I recommend it as an alternative to sending photos or large newsletters (i.e. those >1MB) by email. Seven people have tested it so far.


Image size:

The full width for a web page image is 800 pixels and for the users of 'flikr' and 'Picasso' please leave your pictures this width or greater.


The reunion weekend was an opportunity for me to meet web contributors, answer questions, demonstrate 'ftp' and what is necessary to put a newsletter up on the site.

Images ran for the duration of the NRC lunch. In the foreground was the Brampton '95 crew.  (from John _S)

Thanks to you all,

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