ROCA Reunion at the St Nicholas Hotel, Scarborough

on the 5 - 7th October 2007

You may smoke

Dear smokers, often at this time
I've told you off in turgid rhyme.
I've been quite rude about your failing -
I've scorned your needs with jibes and railing.

But now that our wise Parliament
Has scoffed at your predicament,
And laid it down, in words of stone,
That smoking stands out on its own
As far more serious a scrape
than murder, larceny or rape -

I must confess I feel (I do!)
A certain sympathy for you.
I went too far - I dab my eyes -
For yes, I do, apologise.

Still, if you must, don't break the laws:
You'll have to light up out-of-doors!

Hilary Daniel

[08oct07 15:40]