Update on Bentley Priory

From: Edwina Holden
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 5:58 PM
Subject: Bentley Priory

Dear All
On Monday I went for lunch at Bentley Priory, I have a contact there and wanted to see what was happening to our items of historical interest. I was very sorry to find that everything, but everything - that is besides the picture of HM which hangs above the fireplace - was boxed up and ready to go to Hendon Museum. The picture of HM was a sorry sight with a light above it, shining out like a beacon in the gloomy room. This had been left, along with others, because a fund raising day had taken place on Sunday when a company selling pictures of 'planes were charging £50/picture for the signatures of 'the few' who were present. I am told there were queues way down the corridor from Lady Adelaide's Room (The Dowding Room was closed). Buckets were also being rattled for donations. Norman has now written to Hendon saying that 'our' items must be returned to Bentley Priory if/when the museum gets off the ground in 2 years as that is their rightful place.

 I have been receiving several enquiries over the months which have been sent to Bentley Priory, but unfortunately this will not now happen with nobody present who will know of our existence. Guess we should now try to advertise ourselves more widely in our respective Groups.


You may find the attached letter which I have received from Bentley Priory amusing, it was not part of the memorabilia displayed and is a photocopy of the original. I believe someone on a visit gave it to the tour guide.

Observer Corps 
Bentley Priory    

28th March 1939

Order of the Pewter Tankard


          I have the honour to inform you that the Order of the Pewter Tankard has been conferred upon you in view of special services rendered to the Observer Corps.

          The special service referred to is your great interest in the Corps, your ready and valuable assistance and your suggestions for improvement.

          Your order is No. 7 and the Insignia will be conferred upon you on Tuesday 28th March, 1939 at 1.0 p.m. in the Officers’ Mess.

          For your information the following are the members of the Order.

1. 10th October 1932             Sergeant B. Jones, R.A.F.
2. 25th November 1932         Engineer Captain R.C.H. Ball
3. 18th January 1933              Squadron Leader H.V. Drew
4. 17th July 1934                    Squadron Leader A.W. Smith
5. 6th May 1935                     Squadron Leader D.V. Caenegie
6. 28th February 1936            Air Commodore A.D. Warrington-Morris

I am, Sir

Your obedient Servant,

(Signed) A. Warrington-Morris


Major P.G. Calvert-Jones MC
Headquarters, Fighter Command,
Royal Air Force.

A handwritten note gives details: Major General P.G. Calvert-Jones CB, CBE, DSO, MC and an address on the Isle of Wight.


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