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On 22nd July we had a fairly large visit to Veryan Post Museum and Carlton TV were filming there on 28th July. Lawrence

Goto page  #2 'New Video by Andrew Denyer - ROC in WWII'
Goto page  #3 Battle of Britain Service, A framed portrait of the Queen presented to Plymouth City, Radio 4 Presenter Dylan Winter came to Cornwall

Photo No 1 - On 22nd July Veryan Post Museum had some 35 visitors at the post as part of the Countryside Events Programme. Photo shows Truro ROCA member Richard Sirley explaining to visitors the Plastic Dome Cover for the Fixed Survey Meter. In the background is the mound of the WWII Decoy Site Command Bunker.

Photo No 2 - Truro ROCA member explains to visitors the working of the GZI and the papers therein. Post aerial is in background and hatch is open just prior to all visitors going underground. Almost all visitors were most impressed and simply could not believe such an organisation as the ROC existed !

'West Country Top Secret' by Duncan Little

Photo No 1 - Carlton TV came to Veryan Post Museum on 28th July to film for a new TV series to be called 'West Country Top Secret'. The series deals with the Cold War, Regional Seats of Government, secret bunkers etc AND the ROC. Photo shows Lawrence Holmes being interviewed by presenter Duncan Little and being filmed by camerman 'Dave'.

Photo No 2 - The day of filming was 'awful' with rain and heavy mist. Most filming was done underground but this photo shows presenter Duncan Little holding the umbrella for camerman Dave near the top of the Post. Filming took some three hours and one wonders how many minutes will be in the final programme ?

Series is due to be broadcast in January 2004

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