No 8 Group Coventry



1.  Leslie Mitton (GC), Jenny Major (DGC)
2.  Sheila Roberts (CO, 15STB Derby & GO, 8Gp)   
3.  Two DGCs - Jenny Major & Mike Rose
4.  Carol Bayley (CO), Brian Davies (GO)
5.  Two GOs - Jon Layne (L), Fred Robinson (R)
6.  Mick Lowe (GO), Andrea Lowe

Some of the former officers of 8 Group Coventry recently held one of their regular lunches at the Hilton Hotel, East Midlands Airport. The event was organised by Carol Bayley, formerly a Crew Officer.

Amongst those present were two former Group Commandants, Leslie Mitton and John Adams, two former Deputy Group Commandants, Mike Rose and Jenny Major, five former Group/Crew Officers and spouses.

For Jon Layne and Fred Robinson, it was a "long time no see" situation since they had last met in 1976 when Jon was Post Instructor on the Ashover Post and Fred was the Group Officer. Soon after Fred resigned in that year, Jon was promoted to Group Officer in another part of the Group. A photo of one of their last meeting - a post dinner - revealed that Jon was still wearing the same tie but, worse for Fred, his wife pointed out that the dress which she was wearing then was still in her wardrobe !

As is common at these events, an excellent lunch was further enhanced by the swapping of reminiscences and updating each other on the latest news about former colleagues. 

"We'll meet again" but, unlike the words of Vera's song, we know where and when - at the Hilton Hotel, Castle Donnington in about six months' time.

Jon Layne 

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