The Guildhall Bury St Edmunds Open Day 14jul12

The photos below give you an idea of the scale of the project to restore the WW11 Ops Room when they get the funding.
The room is currently used by the Scouts. The Ops Room table was built as a mock up by one of the team. The balcony is still there.
Andy, a local historian / presenter, obtained the base of the Post Instrument & adapted the tripod but made the micklewaithe part himself.
He did the complete research on the Corps history 1925 to 1946 within 8 weeks and gave a very detailed and accurate presentation. Andy has now become very interested in the Corps and wants to perfect the instrument I suggested he got in touch with the team.


bury st edmunds    bury st edmunds Left: 4 Group Secretary, Justyn Keeble, meets John Millidge Met Area Rep at the Guildhall Ops Room, Bury St Edmunds.
Right: Andy, re-enactor, Ops Room table plot.

bury st edmunds Ops Room Plotting table Guildhall.
bury st edmunds Andy, re-enactor, & Post Instrument Ops Room Guildhall.
bury st edmunds Banqueting Room Guildhall.
bury st edmunds Court Room Guildhall.
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