Heritage Open Days at Bentley Priory.

10th to the 13th September 2009

The display was provided by :
                Simon Crane (ROC Museum at Aeroventure)
                Ian Burrows and Paul Norris (Newhaven Fort)

Organisation by
                Edwina Holden.



Thursday manning...

Thursday pm...


Hurricane and Spitfire flypast.

Estimate of 3,000+ attended.

From the top floor. Wembley roof 'arc' on the left and Hayes water tower on the right.


Recruit?  (by Mick M)

(by Mick M)

(by Mick M)

Sunday pm...

(by Mick M)

Squadron Leader Erica & Co.(Retd)

Timeout!     (by Jacqui G)

Terry on the steps of the former ROC Admin. building  (by Jacqui G)

(by Jacqui G)

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