D Day Service at Trebah Gardens at Falmouth, Cornwall

Photos taken at the D Day Commemoration Service at Trebah Gardens near Falmouth, Cornwall. Trebah was the furthest west embarkation point for Normandy. Here members of the US 29th Infantry Division embarked for Omaha Beach and some of the bloodiest fighting. On 29th May, Major Hibbert, the owner of Trebah, organised a large commemoration event including military vehicles, 30 standards including No 10 Group ROCA Standard, some 15 veterans of the 29th Division US Infantry, Lord Lieutenant Lady Mary Holborow, who is also the Honorary Joint President of No 10 Group ROCA, and many ex servicemen and women. On the 31st May the 29th US Infantry Division were granted the Freedom of Falmouth but on that day it poured down so no photos were taken.


Parade of Standards. Mike Scrimgeour, No 10 Group Standard Bearer, is third from left. Also on the left are the Cornish Scottish Pipe band members. Note that the parade is in a garden environment which at times caused major problems for the Standard Bearers.

The line up veterans from the 29th US Infantry Division who had embarked from Trebah Beach on D Day 6th June 1944. The scene on the beach at the Helford River was quite moving with the veterans, all the standards and crowds of people. The Helford River was also used by SOE operatives as a base to send operatives over to France 1941-1944.

No 10 Group ROCA Standard Bearer Mike Scrimgeour standing on the very beach where the embarkation took place 60 years ago. 20 minutes earlier a Sea King helicopter from RNAS Culdrose had lowered a winchman down to about 4 feet off the sea and he had gently placed a wreath on the surface.

Sent in by Lawrence Holmes 10 Group  [11jul04]