The ROC Museum Trust

The Royal Observer Corps Museum Trust is a registered Charitable Trust (No 1012451) whose Charitable Objects include the provision of a Public Museum celebrating the work and achievements of the Royal Observer Corps.

ROC Museum

The museum has a small display in Southamption Hall of Aviation (incorporating the Mitchell Museum) Albert Road South, Southamption which is open throughout the year 10am to 5pm. Closed Mondays except school holidays. (Tel: (023) 8063 5830)

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ROC Archive

ROC Archive is lodged with Hampshire County Record Office, Sussex Street, WInchester, SO23 8TH, where it is currently being indexed and catalogued. This index and catalogue will become accessible electronically in due course. Meanwhile queries relating to the ROC Archive can be made to the Museum's e-mail address:


Museum staff will undertake (free of charge of course, but usual SAE) simple searches of ROC Archive. That is : a single event where a date within a week is supplied (ie. 5days either side will be searched); personnel information (limited information held) where name, location, address or identity of unit supplied; a single unit (eg. Post or Control) where location, name, description or gridref supplied.

Outside this limited facility searches will be subject to arrangement and a suitable donation to the ROCM Trust agreed.

ROC Film Archive

ROC Film Archive is in the care of Wessex Film & Sound Archive Trust. Queries relating to the ROC Film Archive can be made to the Museum's e-mail address:

ROC Collection

Pictures taken at a Museum exhibition at Slough.

The Royal Observer Corps Museum was started in 1974 by Officers at the Winchester ROC Centre (14 Group) as a Collection for viewing by visitors. It was closed in 1992, owing to cessation of the 'Cold War'

Access to the storage location of the Collection is not possible for security reasons but viewing of artifacts for study purposes can be arranged on request to the Museum's e-mail address.

Winchester ROC Operations Centre

The Royal Observer Corps Standard Operations Centre in Abbotts Road, Winchester, first opened in June 1943 was one of eleven such buildings specially designed by Flt. Lt. Tebbitt ARIBA RAF Fighter Command, to accommodate the full range of ROC operational tasks. It was also the first such building to house male and female dormitory accommodation under one roof.

Winchester Centre made a unique contribution to safety from air atack of the huge concentration of air, land and sea forces of the D-Day Operation.

It is now "Listed",  reflecting the fact that the building is now unique in being the only one in unaltered condition in Britain.

The Centre shares the site with the "Cold War" bunker which had taken over the role of the wartime Operations Centre in 1961, remaining in use until 1992.

In addition to the the ROC Museum the "Listed" building housed the administrative HQ for No 14 group ROC.

In 1993 the building (NGR U 484310) was sold to a private individual under whose 'care' it, and the site, has become increasingly derelict. The building is visible from Abbotts Road.

Photos taken from the brochure of the

 Southamption Hall of Aviation (incorporating the Mitchell Museum)

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