Newhaven Fort and the Royal Observer Corps

Newhaven Fort has links with the Royal Observer Corps dating back to 1929, when a post was set up inside the fort. The corps were based there until an underground post was constructed just to the west and outside of the fort.

Following stand-down in 1991, the fort manager made contact with the former Commandant of No.2 Group at Horsham, Roy Bent.

It was not long before a full-size replica of an underground monitoring post was constructed within one of the old barrack rooms at Newhaven Fort. This was kitted out with as much authentic equipment as could be intercepted before it was lost.

Over the next few years, a number of former members of the corps became involved in the project and the ROC exhibit has expanded into two rooms. One is dedicated to the Cold War Role of the Royal Observer Corps and the second features the World War Two period.

These rooms are open to visitors during normal entry times. A regular feature of the fort diary is a Royal Observer Corps open day which takes place on the first Sunday of June.

June 04 Sun.  Royal Observer Corps Open Day

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