The following was taken from the National Newsletter of May 2000.

Imperial War Museum at Duxford

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford is planning a series of events to mark this year's 60th. anniversary of the Battle of Britain. In late May, Duxford will be the opening a major new exhibition commemorating the events of 1940. A period Me-109 will be on display, along with a restored Hurricane and the resident Blenheim.

On August 19th., there will be a day of presentations entitled "Flying in the Battle of Britain - keeping the memory alive". Veterans' experiences will be complemented by operators of the historic aircraft. The main commemorative event will be the Battle of Britain anniversary air show on September 9-10, which will feature Spitfires and relevant aircraft and a planned record number of Hurricanes.

On September 23rd., there will be a day oflectues by historians examining the facts of the battle. Other activites are yet to be announced.

Javelin shows

Duxford's "rasberry ripple" Gloster Javelin FAW9 has made a rare appearance outside the airfield's historic hangers. The Javelin and some of the Imperial War Museum's other fighters were temporarily removed from hanger four in preparation for a Battle of Britain exhibition to be opened on Friday, June 16.

Building and decorative work is under way and a host of facinating 1940 exhibits will soon be assembled for the exhibitions. The centrepiece will be the Imperial War Museum's Hawker Hurricane, now nearing completion, and a newly restored Messerschmitt Bf109E.

Imperial War Museum at Duxford web site:

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