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ROC Commemorative plate (1925-1975) pops up on TV
Just watched the first of D-Day 60 programmes - BBC1 10am to 11am - over next four days. Huw Edwards introduced this one from Eisenhower's pre D-Day HQ at Southwick House and, during an interview with the "WW2 History Expert", what should appear on the wall just by the "expert's" left ear but an ROC Commemorative plate (1925-1975) Wasn't sure at first but as I'd taped the programme, was able to freeze the picture. Definitely one of ours ! 
Jon Layne

Re. the article from Jon Layne about the commemorative plate at Southwick House, this is contained in the D-Day Room within the Officer's Mess of HMS Dryad (currently being decommissioned).

This room contains the map used during D-Day and remains as it was on the day, the map was made up as a jigsaw so that no-one person in the company that made it (well known toy manufacturer - Chad Valley?) saw the whole map. It was assembled on site by 2 of the company employees who then had to remain at Dryad until after the invasion. Dryad was where Eisenhower and Montgomery planned the invasion and although currently the base is not open to the public there are quite a few photographs etc in the local pub.

I'm not sure what will happen to Southwick House (and the D-Day Room) when the Navy move out, it was compulsorily purchased during the war and the owner (or his heir) want it back again, he still owns the village of Southwick and if anyone visits the village they will notice that all the houses are painted in the same maroony sort of colour. He is an absent landlord who I think lives in the Midlands somewhere, unfortunately he wants to buy the house back at the same price that he sold it for during the war which was a pretty paltry sum by today's standards.
Janet Bird

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