The fascinating subject of markings and insignia...

(Just two to start with)

The Royal AirForce Badge on the gates of the Royal Air ForceCollege Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

There seems sometimes to be confusion regarding the type of bird in the design. It is an Eagle and is officially quoted in heraldic language as "an eagle volent and affronte, the head lowered and to the sinister". This is according to an Air Ministry order of 1949 when, eventually, the official RAF badge was finally officially described and regularised. The photograph was taken 28aug89 but the gates have been there a long time. - see below.


The badge of number 1 Flying Training School, RAF, based at Linton on Ouse, Yorkshire. This unit is equipped with Shorts Tucano T1 and displays the badge on the fin of it's aircraft. This photograph is of the badge on Tucano ZF449 and was taken 21aug93 at RAF Alconbury, near Huntingdon.This style of badge is still in use by 1FTS to this day (Jan2001) on all it's aircraft.I mention this because the crown at the top of the badge is the Tudor Crown in uae during the reign of King George VI. Since Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne the crown used should have changed to the St Edward's Crown.

This proves yet again that the fascinating subject of the markings and insignia that appear on Royal Air Force aircraft and builldings, although supposedly complying to strict regulations, do have vaariations and anomalies to the interested observer. Modellers beware !!

Supplied by David Blades 16/Knutsford

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