Re-construction of the Bentley Priory Gate Guardians

Both existing Gate Guardians at Bentley Priory were sent to Cornwall for restoring. GateGuards Ltd, based at Newquay Airport have made a complete replica of the BP Spitfire. The new replica has now been erected at BP. The BP Hurricane was restored by GateGuards and this too has now been sent back to BP and this aircraft has now been erected at the new Museum.

Last two pictures show the Spitfire and Huricane in position at Bentley Priory.

This is the original Spitfire Gate Guardian from Bentley Priory which will be restored and sent to Cosford. A brand new cast has been made of this aircraft and a new fibreglass replica has been made and dispatched to Bentley Priory Museum.

Roundels being painted on the restored Hurricane wings.

A roundel being painted on the side of the brand new Spitfire replica. Note the new replica is true even to the rivets.

Masking all over the Spitfire. Roundels being painted on fuselage. Propeller to be fitted.

Replica propellers for the Bentley Priory Spitfire and Hurricane. They look incredibly realistic but there is nothing in them.

Andrew x, John Sh. and Charles P. in front of the Huricane at Bentley Priory.

John Sh., John Si. and Simom C. in front of the Bamburger Spitfire at Bently Priory.

[28sep12 21:00]