Last year you were kind enough to put me in contact with a number of Group 10 members during research for a Masters project with the University of Exeter. This has now progressed to a PhD. Its primary focus remains the ROC, the history, archaeology and the social impact it had on the United Kingdom. Now, the record only goes so far here as does the archaeology but the social aspect is very informative. This is the area I am contacting you over this time around.

Bob Clarke


My name is Bob Clarke. Im an archaeologist, author and currently research student with the University of Exeter. My current work revolves around the archaeology of the Cold War, with special reference to the Royal Observer Corps. The project has two phases 1). to investigate the current state of the underground monitoring posts in Devon, and 2) to learn more about the attitudes of the public towards the period. Work on the posts is now in an advanced stage with monitoring visits taking place over the next two years. It is the second phase that I am asking for help from your members.

To ensure a balanced view it is important we understand the role of the observers in all this. It is clear that the Cold War is a period fairly new to education, especially schools, and currently the efforts of the voluntary sector is being ignored. My aim is, therefore, to promote the archaeology of the subject and underpin that with the social history, attitudes and motivation of the ROC spare-time members.

Over the next year I am collecting information via survey and personal visits. If you would be interested in helping me please fill in the current survey, making sure you answer as full and frankly as possible. All forms are anonymous. The link is:-

For more about me and the project please visit:-  

If you are interested in contacting me personally please email me with your preferred contact method.

Best wishes and thank you for your time,

Bob Clarke

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