Northgate Mansions is falling down

as at 31 December 2010.

Emergency services rally to keep people safe as building (formerly used by the ROC) in Gloucester collapses

A DERELICT building started to collapse in Gloucester city centre yesterday (30 December 2010), shocking passers-by. Office blocks were evacuated either side and shoppers watched as Northgate Mansions, in Spread Eagle Road, started to fall apart. At one point 20 fire fighters, police officers and council staff had to keep watch on the building as it was made secure, following fears it was posing a danger. The building, which is privately owned and was empty at the time of collapse, is now expected to be demolished.

Last night the emergency services were discussing with the property’s owners the best method of bringing the structure down. Options included waiting to see how the situation developed, or detonating the building to force its collapse. Building control officers from the county council were sent to the scene to work with the emergency services to try to make a solution. The roof collapsed during Wednesday evening 29 December but there were no witnesses. It is thought the building then crumbled through gradual degradation. Access to the road was cordoned off in all directions including entrance from Northgate Street and Market Parade.

It is thought the situation will be resolved at the end of next week at the latest. Representatives from the Southampton firm Landene Developments, which owns the building, were on site yesterday afternoon. They declined to comment. The above building was used by the Royal Observer Corps as the old 24 Group Gloucester wartime ops room then used as 12 Group Bristol Secondary Training Base until the early sixties. Graham Cook formerly of 12 Group and now a member of the Truro Branch served about 5 years service there.

(Details taken from the Internet and from Graham Cook)

and sent in by Lawrence H

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