Investigation report on Veryan ROC post, Cornwall


Lawrence Holmes and his small team of helpers from the Truro Branch ROCA operate the Veryan preserved ROC Bunker on behalf of the National Trust. It is a partnership, the Truro Branch ROCA own all the nuclear equipment and the National Trust own the basic post structure. The post has five or six open days a year all advertised through the National Trust. It is believed that Veryan Post is the only ROC post owned by the Trust which is fully equipped and open to the public on a regular basis.

In the summer of 2008 the Cornwall Paranormal Organisation approached Lawrence with a view to carrying out an investigation in the underground post. At first the request was treated in a very sceptical way but the National Trust had used the CPO in several of their old houses in Cornwall and were happy they were a responsible organisation. So it was decided to go ahead with the project.

The investigation took place on 18 October 2008 and was carried out by Maria Hill, Rita Ratcliffe Marshall, Jon Hocking and Becky Swaysland. Lawrence Holmes hosted the team who were at the post for about two hours. Their long awaited report has now been received. The first part is by Maria Hill who spent much time in the toilet completely on her own receiving vibes or impulses of various kinds. Her report is as follows :-

“ The team set out for Veryan ROC Post, and despite getting lost and spending part of the evening with a rather curious bunch of highland cattle in a field, we eventually made it to meet with Lawrence Holmes – our host for the evening. We made our way along the long track until we arrived at our destination. Mr Holmes had the post open and ready for us. I have to admit on looking down the hatch at the 12ft metal ladder we would have to climb down to get to our underground destination, I was a little worried !

Members of the Cornwall Paranormal Investigation Team taking readings from various instruments. Note the vertical aerial device on one of the post chairs. At one end of the post a night vision camcorder was set up and at one stage the lights were switched off. It was incredible how much detail was picked up even in total darkness. It was on the camcorder footage that the ‘orb’ was picked up on Jon’s chest.

When I had got my nerves together and made it down the ladder I found a lovely little bunker all kitted out to look just how I would imagine it would have done some years ago when it was at its operational peak. It felt a very comfortable place and the first thing I picked up on, for some reason, was a dog ! It was a smallish dog and looked like a tan and white Jack Russell. I settled myself down by the small room (toilet) next to the main area. I found it easier to concentrate here.

I picked up on a male presence called Eric Digby, he was aged 43 and had a red sash or stripe on his clothing. He had a bad leg, but was otherwise happy. He was not grounded here and was just in visitation. I believe he was married and his wife was called ‘Margaret’.

I felt that the area above the bunker may have been used as some sort of dwelling prior to the bunker being built. I could see dirty looking people in scruffy clothing, living off the land. I kept seeing a white dove above the bunker, but I have no idea as to the relevance of this.

I tried some psychometry on a radio that was situated in the main area (monitoring room). I felt that this at some point may have been situated in Bristol and that a man by the name of Arthur had some connection to it. Arthur had lost an eye in an accident.

As I made my way back to the small room (toilet) at the side, I could hear a woman screaming. It was above the ground and I felt was not connected with the bunker. I could see the lady running away. I didn’t see her face, but from the back she had short (above shoulders) brown hair. She was a youngish lady. I felt she had breathing difficulties as I could feel my throat tightening.

I could see the back of a man following her – he had dark jeans, with a high necked top and a dark jacket down to the top of his legs. He was wearing black boots. I got the name ‘Scott’ with him. Unfortunately I could get no further information. I could just hear the screaming. Conclusions - The post is a very interesting place and one that holds many memories within. The atmosphere of the place was quite calm considering the action that must have taken place within it. A very interesting location and one that I thoroughly enjoyed investigating. I would like to thank Lawrence Holmes and the National Trust for making this visit possible for us”.

The second report is by Jon Hocking who was more of a technical man and was equipped with a night vision camcorder which was running all the time including 15 minutes of total darkness. He had various small radio like devices which he placed at points in the monitoring room. His report is as follows :-

'Orb' on Jon's Chest picked up by the night
vision camcorder

“Due to the restricted area only a small team carried out this investigation. We were invited to carry out an investigation in an underground bunker. We were given a very interesting introduction of this very unique building by Lawrence Holmes. Being only 15 feet square, we took several photo’s, carried out dowsing and we left a night vision camcorder running during our stay. By the door I picked up a male presence, who was married with children, I felt he had at sometime suffered some kind of injury. I also felt strong connections to World War 2, as if the surrounding area had been used in some way. In the area by the door where I had picked up the male presence, a small ‘orb’ can be seen on Jon’s chest. Some say an ‘orb’ is possibly the first manifestation of a spirit presence.

I would like to say thank you to Lawrence for allowing us to carry out our investigation, a first for Cornwall Paranormal Organisation. We all hope he enjoyed the experience and much as we did”.

Lawrence Holmes comments - “It would be easy to dismiss the CPO report, but the team were very professional in their approach and have done work for the National Trust in old houses and are a respected organisation. As far as I know, there was no person named Eric Digby, Margaret, Arthur or Scott who ever served on the Veryan Post either in WWII or in the Cold War. All in all this report was thought provoking”.

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