The ROC "not really military..."


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You may be interested in a little exchange I've had on,326514.0.html 
[Picture is on 'Page1' and look for "Jafo's" contributions on 'Page 2']

Sheila Marrison, ex ROC, asked if I knew any of the war-time despatch riders in the photograph as a beret badge or two appears to be the Royal Tank Regiment. Although the RTR was my Dad's regiment he was still a 13 year-old schoolboy when war broke out and he didn't father me until the 50's. LOL

I posted on rootsnet that the riders were not ROC on page two and "scrimnet" fell for it hook, line and sinker, which gave me an opening for a brief targeted history of his cheeky "not really military" Royal Observer Corps.

It's so good to keep spreading the word . . . . . . .

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