ROC RATION PACKS -_Were they better during WW2 than in the Cold War ?!!

I recently had passed on to me the menu for an “Officers’ Presentation Dinner” held by 6 Group (Derby) on 30 January 1945. The event was to honour the Group Commandant, Observer Commander W M B Feilden MC.

The bill of fare suggests that the answer to the above question is a definite “Yes” – unless someone had good black market connections to circumvent the restrictions of rationing.

The menu was:


Oxtail soup

Steamed hake with anchovy sauce

Roast mutton with onion sauce, sprouts, baked or mashed potatoes

Apple tart and custard

Cheese and biscuits


I suppose that if we’d had that down the posts, our TOCSIN messages might have been somewhat delayed !

Jon Layne
Secretary Ashbourne Section CROCA

[27nov08 18:45]