Greetings to one and all.

Remember back in December on my 6oth birthday me saying about having promised myself a parachute jump. Well it wasn't as easy as I first thought. Once over 50 you are not allowed to jump solo. It must be tandem.

Not to worry I can manage that.
But you need a clearance from the Medics.

Oh said the YOUNG doctor, 'you have hypertension, I can't sign your clearance forms. Ha ha, you go and try something with a bit less exertion'.

What next. You all know me . I am not for turning.
Wait out. Let a little time pass. Then go to an older medic. A clearance for 2 years . So there's one with a bit of hope in me.

Hurray. What happened next.
I did my jump on 17th August 2008 in Garvagh and a DVD to prove it.





As I was paying for the jump on my own I didn't mind a bit if some philanthropic supporters made donations to my World Vision housing project in Honduras.

To those who sent money thank you so much. So far I have raised 585 without gift aid included.

If anyone out there feels this is not enough and would care to increase this amount towards the cost of a complete house (2700) then I would be extremely grateful.

In the attached photos you will see my mate who jumped last week in tandem. Do you see me, and yes it is him, General Sir Richard Dannatt. You see the circles I move in.

Harold or Harry

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