The Royal Observer Corps in 2008? – A perspective!

This paper looks at what the ROC might look like 17 years after stand-down in 2008.
It is assumed that the 1991 Home Office/Royal Air Force management would be similar and the division, number and location of Areas, Groups and Posts would be similar to that at stand-down.

Four main areas are explored:

  1. The People.
  2. The Technology.
  3. Legislation.
  4. Other impacts

The People

No excuse is made for putting people first!
The ROC was all about people and these people were truly exceptional. Few other organisations could boast of such closely-knit teams whose comradeship and resilience ensured that the organisation responded to each challenge that it faced-even though we often moaned and complained!

However, in 2008 things would have changed:

The Technology

The ‘digital age’ would have had a tremendous impact on the organisation and its people.


This would be an area where there would be a major impact. Crown immunity would probably have been removed from our activities and this would have had a major impact at Group, and especially, Post level.

Other Impacts

Roy Coulter – 31 Group ROCA ( ) welcomes comment and alternatives.

July 2008

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