Coast Watch Tower at Pakefield

Recently Stan Barnes was wandering around Suffolk, and came across the Coast Watch Tower at Pakefield. This was open to visitors, and conversation with the watch keepers yielded quite an interesting story. This is supported by the handout given to him.

Originally a lighthouse, which opened 1st. May 1832 and closed 1st. December 1864. Moving swiftly to April 1938, it became the observation post for Group 14 / D4, who reported to the Bury St. Edmunds H. Q. The roof having to be removed thus allowing the observation duties to be carried out. Many incidents were witnessed during W. W. II. 12th May 1943 the post was subject to a machine gun attack during an air raid on Lowestoft.
On 22nd.April 1944 German ME 410s ambushed and destroyed 9 out of a force of USAAF Liberators returning home after a raid on Germany. Then during October 1944 a renegade V 1 flying bomb 100ft. above the waves was seen coming directly at the post. The observers made a hasty exit, but the bomb plunged into the sea just short of the coast. It was possible for the observers to witness and report V 2 rockets leaving their launching sites by the red exhausts at night and the vapour trails by day.
This post site was closed late in 1945. After miscellaneous use, the Coastal Surveillance Station opened during 2000.

The handout acknowledges Ted Rawston an ROC member 1942 1984.

Stan Barnes