A tribute to Geoff Cameron

Sadly I have to report receiving an email from Geoffrey Cameron’s son and daughter advising me that their Dad died at 18:15 on Thursday 28th July 2005, in Nottingham City Hospital, where he had been for the previous three weeks. They stated that ‘He passed away in his sleep with family present, he is now at peace and no doubt making his mark wherever his spirit has gone.’ Those in the ROCA who had met Geoff in the last couple of years will understand why I have ‘quoted’ that sentence from their email.

Geoff had been in the ROC from 1953 to 1966 and had lived in Spain for the past 28 years, and only joined the ROCA two years ago after retiring from his last business. He spent quite a bit of time in England last year ‘wearing out the tarmac down memory lane’ as he put it, and in the process had been responsible for at least half a dozen new members to various ROCA Groups, and probably quite a few more. He was so keen on ROCA it was tiring just listening to his list of activities, visiting this show, those museums, that memorial, and helping out here and there, smartly wearing the old battle dress uniform at every opportunity to catch the eye of former ROC members (he hated the term ‘ex-ROC’).

I had only met Geoff a couple of times but it was a pleasure to have known him, even so briefly. Geoff tried in his own way to actively spread the word about the very existence of the ROCA, something that few seem interested in doing - particularly at national level. Sadly his efforts and suggestions seemed to upset some of the stuffier ‘old guard’ whose ‘get up and go’ seems to have got up and gone. He produced his own recruitment leaflet and was told not to distribute it.

It was a pleasure to welcome Geoff to Rushton Spencer’s annual Post Beacon Lighting (held every 30th September, where the rule is that you wear as much of your old uniform as you still have and can still get into, even if you have to undo the odd button to sit down).

The Funeral/Celebration of his life and activities was arranged for Thursday 4th August at 2 p.m at the Bramcote Crematorium in Nottinghamshire, with an opportunity for a get together afterwards. He did not want flowers sending, rather he wished for donations to Cancer Research and the Nottingham City Hospital, Hogarth Ward Fund, this was the ward and staff that supported him so well until the end. The Funeral Directors: A W Lymn, Rose House, Nuthall Road, Aspley, Nottingham, NG5 5DB are co-ordinating this collection, and should you wish to support his wishes please contact them directly.

If only there were more like Geoff in the ROCA.

Ian A Edge

[09aug05 18:00]