Grant Beardsley's father flew EB-Z in 1940

Well well. This model comes complete with certificate saying she's part of the Memorial flight.

My Dad flew Finlay's plane as you can see...his own was EB-B so he just 'borrowed' it for the day I suppose!

Some more detail on the above provided by Tony Maasz.

P7666 Spitfire MkIIA EB-Z, while in 41 Sqn at Hornchurch, was the first of possibly 3 Observer Corps Spitfires. One of the Spitfires in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight was temporarily repainted to represent it (the B.O.B. Spitfires are regularly repainted to represent different aircraft) and it was produced two years ago by Corgi Toys as a model.

Observer Corps 1&2

616 Squadron flew from Tangmere in February 1941 (Unit code YQ) and 54 Squadron from Hornchurch (Unit code KL). Observer Corps 2 was with 616 Squadron and Observer Corps 1 became KL-Z on transfer to 54 Squadron. It was lost over the channel on 20 April 1941. Observer Corps 2 was written off after a crash landing mid-July 1941.

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