ROC documentaries on DVD

The programmes "Sentinels of Britain" and "Tocsin Bang" tell the story of the Royal Observer Corps through the stories and experiences of the men and women who were there, the Observers themselves.

Produced by Cyclops, "Sentinels of Britain" and "Tocsin Bang" are available on VHS and DVD priced 19.99 (+1.50 postage and packing) from Air Supply Aviation Stores at or 0113 250 9581

"Sentinels of Britain" covers the years of the Corps up to 1945. We hear how the Corps, through the air-raid warning system, saved many lives during numerous air-raids across Britain, how difficult it was coping with a fulltime job as well as being an Observer, and, perhaps most importantly, how it was the strong camaraderie that kept everyone going right through to the end of the war.

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"Tocsin Bang" picks up the story with the reforming of the Corps, how the new nuclear reporting role intrigued some but upset others, how the ingenuity of various post crews kept them warm and amused, and how the final stand-down of the Corps left a big hole in many peoples' lives.

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Andrew Denyer
Producer / Director