DVD ‘Protect and Survive’

Britain Under Nuclear Attack !! In the mid 1970s the British Government secretly made a series of information films to tell the public how to prepare for nuclear war. They would be shown on the nation’s TV sets if a nuclear exchange seemed unavoidable. They were never broadcast and remained unseen and hidden. Now declassified, they have been produced on one DVD for fascinating if terrifying viewing. DVD includes the whole of the eight episodes of ‘Protect and Survive’ as well as five bonus rare films showing Government preparations for nuclear war. These include :-

  1. The Waking Point’ a Crown Film Unit film for Civil Defence Volunteers.
  2. Sound an Alarm’ the 1971 UKWMO film showing the dramatic account of UKWMO and the ROC in a nuclear war scenario.
  3. The Warden and the Householder’ 1961 film vividly illustrates the duties of a Warden when a nuclear attack is expected.
  4. ‘700 Practice Civil Defence’, a unique film report on one of Britain’s largest Civil Defence exercises staged in Hackney, London.
  5. Doom Town’, this is a Pathe news report which takes you to Doom Town, a disused RAF base on the Cumberland coast designed to look like a city hit by a nuclear bomb. National Servicemen are seen using this grim facility to learn rescue skills in the atomic age.

This DVD is 2hrs 2mins long and priced £12.99 plus £3.00 p&p from :- www.dukevideo.com/General/Military

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Submitted by Lawrence Holmes