15th. Anniversary of the Stand Down of the NRC/NBCCs

Commemorative mug

On the 30 September 1991 almost all of the Corps stood down. However, some 260 men and women who manned the sixteen Nuclear Reporting Cells of the Corps continued. After 1991 their unit name was changed to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Cells. On 31 December 1995 they too were stood down and the ROC was finally no more.

2010 is the fifteenth anniversary of the NRC/NBCC stand down and a special NRC Luncheon is being held on the Sunday of the national ROCA Reunion 2010 in Chester. To mark the fifteenth anniversary Lawrence_H has designed and produced a limited run of a good quality white China Commemorative Mug. The mug is titled ‘NRC to NBCC 1958 to 1995 – The Unique Teams of the Royal Observer Corps’. The mug also depicts in black, the original nuclear role as well as the later chemical role. The base the mug is stamped with ‘15th Anniversary of Stand Down – 31 December 2010’.


The mug is priced at 6.50. It is hoped that the mug will be of interest to many former NRC members but anyone can buy one. The mug is unusual and may even be of interest to the collector! 
Sales of the NRC Mug at the reunion were good. However, Lawrence still has mugs available. If you are interested in buying a mug please e-mail Lawrence (address in July 10 Group Newsletter in Newsletter pages) to discuss means of delivery and therefore payment.


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