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 ROC items offered...  by C Parker  26mar11 |  "The main items have now gone. Thanks. A cheque for £120 for the ROC BF has been sent to the ROCBF".   12jul11.

Two bound volumes of the Aeroplane Spotter magazine, Mar41-Sep41 and Sep41-Sep42. Bound in green 'leather-like' material. I plan to put them on e-bay in about 7 days time, but if anyone from your organisation would like to offer me a sensible price for them I would be happy to hold them for them. MickW.

ROCA Memorabilia Price List at 1st March 2008.

ROCA Memorabilia Order Form.

20th Anniversary of ROCA : Order Form for the Journal

"Sentinels of Britain" and "Tocsin Bang"  ROC documentaries on DVD.

"Protect and Survive"  DVD available.

"A JOB FOR YOU STANLEY"   by Clive Jackson

When my father Stanley Jackson died he left some reminiscences of the Royal Observer Corps from when he became involved as a Special Constable in the 1930's.  The memories largely  relate to the development of the Corps in the East Riding, Patrington.

Jim and Rena display on behalf of the ROC Association.

Graham West display (Images taken at the Annual Reunion 2004 by Roy)

Frank Sauntson display for 15 Group

ROC Chinese Puzzle Plate. 10th Anniversary of Stand Down

ROCA Embroidered Fleeces, Poloshirts and Sweatshirts

All garments are of excellent quality and are supplied with an embroidered emblem on the LH chest. The size of emblem is approx 3 x 3 inches. The emblem is in gold, blue, red and black with the title ‘Royal Observer Corps Association’ scrolled around the upper half. Along the bottom you can have the title of your choice. Most people opt for ‘Truro Branch’ or ‘10 Group’ etc.

Details are :-

Polar Fleeces are full zip in black, navy blue, bottle green, red, royal blue or charcoal in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
Price £28.20. Can be mixed with sweatshirts and poloshirts to make 5 garments.

Polo Shirts and Sweatshirts can be obtained in the following colours:-
White, red (a rich poster red), sky blue (light blue), jade (light green), navy blue, bottle green (deep green), black.. Price varies with size :-

Polo Shirts                  Sweatshirts
Chest size   Price Chest Size Price
34 inches £13:20  36 inches £13:40
42 inches £13:20  38 inches £13:40
44 inches £13:20  42 inches £13:40
48 inches £13:20  42 inches £13:90
50 inches £13:20  46 inches £14:75

 Minimum of five to place an order

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