ROC items offered...

I have just been passed a substantial collection of paperwork from the estate of a former member of the ROC. In the first instance I am prepared to offer duplicates to ROC post restorers and/or museums before I think whether it is worth putting the surplus on ebay.

The main items are

  1. AP3215 ROC Manual 1949 edition (brown cover)*
  2. Several copies of AP3215 ROC Manual 1958 edition (brown cover)*
  3. Two or three copies of ROC Manual c. 1970 edition (blue cover)*
  4. ROC Manual 1989 edition and SOPs (in blue folders not the badged one)*
  5. Methods of Instruction booklets (some Civil Defence but used by the ROC)
  6. Large 3 view aircraft silhouettes
  7. Pocket folders of aircraft silhouettes
  8. 35mm aircraft recognition slides
  9. Aircraft recognition silhouette cards for episcopes

* Condition and contents vary probably not complete

Please contact me with a list of your requirements. I will then get a price for postage. First come, first served. A small donation for the ROC Benevolent Fund would be appreciated please indicate what you are prepared to offer.

[26mar11 20:50]