KLM sponsors the ROC?

Aircraft of Royal Dutch airlines KLM with not only the ROC Legend but ROC Colours!!

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Hi Roy,

The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNN) used to operate Grumman US2N Tracker aircraft in the Maritime Surveillance role up to about the late 1970's. When they were withdrawn one was acquired by KLM for engineer training - serial 151.

The Aviation Museum that was based, believe it or not, on the roof of part of a terminal building at Amsterdam, Schipol found that A) it was not a big enough site and B) they had to move due to development.

A few years ago they moved to Lelystadt where they have a substantial museum complex. The collection includes a few airworthy aircraft, including Dakota, DC4 and Constellation. In the museum is the ex KLM Tracker in their colour scheme. For two more illustrations see www.ruudleeuw.com and click on 'Propliners' then 'Visit to Aviodrome'.


What the R (O?) C is in this context I do not know. Someone has been very observant. (probably an Observer! ...R)

It would be a good place to visit especially on a flying day - all pistons!

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What the R (O?) C is in this context

   stands for Regionaal OpleidingenCentrum van Amsterdam or in English "Amsterdam Regional Community College".  More at http://www.rocva.nl/start/Volwassenenonderwijs_en_Inburgering?20039   ...R