Britain's Cold War: Programme to include the ROC

Dear Sir,

We are currently researching a programme about Britain's Cold War and would like to feature the much overlooked work of the Royal Observer Corps within it.

The programme features solely on Britain’s Cold War including the Bunkers, Missile sites, UK government planning and survival drills and last line of defence. The Royal Observer Corps played a major part in this with its observation posts across the UK and it's a job that was often overlooked in previous programmes.

I would be grateful if you could forward this to your members or perhaps if you send out a mailing then could include details of this in it. We would like to hear from anyone who was in the ROC and involved in the observer posts during the post world war 2 cold war period.

Unfortunately the production was postponed and is only now going ahead. I would be grateful if you could include my contact email and perhaps the website link in the information.

Programme – Britain's Cold War


Email although it would be better for anyone wishing to share information to use the form on the site under the “get involved” section.

The Production is due for completion in November 2009
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Many thanks in advance.

Nick Harding
30/03/2008 19:55

Take Care:

Q1.    Who are 'we'?.

Q2.    Who is sponsoring the 'programme'?.


Answers to Questions above:

Dear Roy,

Thank you for including this contact on your website. In answer to your questions, the programme is being put together by myself as producer in association with Atomic Flex Media and the Sussex Image Company. The programme is a privately funded production and discussions have taken place with 3 very high profile channels expressing a firm interest.

We have previously been involved with programmes such as Air Crash Investigation and Seconds from Disaster. We work solely on documentaries.

I trust this answers your questions.

Kind Regards
Nick Harding

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